What is important to study in Japan?


Mie Japanese Language Institute is located in the center of Tsu city.

Tsu city is very small than Delhi, Bangkok or Tokyo.

However, it offers the best environment to study Japanese.



Tsu city is a capital of Mie prefecture, has 285,000 populations, has 710km2 area, is faced to sea.

In the center of city streets are wide enough and it is hard to find traffic jam and is hard to hear the horn of car.

Unfortunately, young people can’t find any place to play through the night.



The students can live only by walking. They can go everywhere needed to live within 15 minutes from school. Therefore students is free from traffic cost. Some places of part time job are far but companies prepare the car to bring them there.

Dormitory fee is 15,000JPY per month. The students sharing food with room mates can live by under 50,000JPY per month.



The criminal rate in Tsu city is low : 1.37%. Highest in Japan is Chuoku-Osaka city=10.76%.

Foreigner’s population rate is very high. Highest are Tokyo and Aichi prefecture=3.0%, Mie prefecture follows them 2.8%.

Your life in Tsu city will be safe and easy.



All the students studying Mie Japanese Language Institute have part time job.

High foreigner’s population rate means plenty job than people in this area. You will get part time job without any problem.