Study Abroad Japan Entrance Procedure

Course Outline

Course length

1 year6months

2 years


October2012- March2014

April2013 - March2015

Class hours*1

900am-0:10pm or 0:50pm-400pm

900am-0:10pm or 0:50pm-400pm

Application fee*2



Registration fee



Tuition fee*3



*1 Class hours: There are 4 lessons for a day and each lesson is 45-minutes long.

   Holidays: Saturday/Sunday, public/summer/term-end holidays, holidays set by Headmaster.

*2 Application fee shall not be refunded.

*3 Tuition fee should be paid for 1 year before coming to Japan, rest of it 1 year later.

College visa

To study in these courses student must get pre-college visa.

This visa is good for 2 years 3month.

Part-time job: Student can have a part-time job with permission from Immigration. Part-time jobs are allowed for up to 28 hours per week.

The closing day for application :

2years course : 20th November 2012

1 year6month course : 30th April 2012


1)     Those who have received 12years (or more) of school education.

2)      Those who want to go on to university or specialized training college in Japan.

or Those who already graduate the university and want to pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

3) Those who already finished study Basic Japanese language(JLPT N5), or graduate university or more with good transcript.

Necessary Documents

1)     Application for admission (original form)

2)      Personal records (original form)

3)   Reason to study in Japan (original form)

4)      Photographs (4cm X 3cm) 3 prints

5)      Diploma or certificate from the highest school.

6)   Transcript of the highest school.

7)      Certificate of Japanese language education(if you have)

8)      Photocopy of your passport

9)      Documents about sponsor

a)      Certificate of relationship between the applicant and the sponsor

b)      Guarantee for bearing study and living expenses (original form)

c)       Bank account balance certificate